Off-Road Enthusiast Kit

Off-Road Enthusiast Kit

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Here at Precision along with detailing we are very passionate about off-roading. We enjoy beating our toys in the sand, mud, and desert. However we also enjoy having our off-road toys clean and dialed. I know...contradicting right? Well if you feel the same way we do then our off-road enthusiast kit is for you. 

Our off-road enthusiast kit includes: 

1.) Dirt Slayer - Citrus Scented - All Purpose Cleaner to clean your plastic, rubber, painted, and metal surfaces. 

2.) Soap and Destroy - Grape Scented - Soap to remove dirt, mud, and debris from your toy. 

3.) Slick Whip - Green Apple Scented - Dressing to keep your toys plastic surfaces moisturized, and keep their finish looking new.

4.) Redline - Mango Scented - Speed Wax to keep your toy protected and shining for your next trip. 

5.) Wipe And Ride - Cinnamon Scented - Detail Spray to wipe down your ride, and keep its shine on point.

*All products within this kit come in 16oz. bottles.

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