Marine Enthusiast Kit

Marine Enthusiast Kit

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Every boat owner knows that when on the water it's a competition of who can turn the most heads. That means your boat is going to need to be as dialed as possible. Our marine kit was put together with this in mind. All the products you'll need to make sure you have the cleanest float on the water. 

Our marine kit includes:

1.) Days End - Water Spot Remover to be sure your float is clear of all water spots. 

2.) Gel Juice - Mango Scented - Speed Wax to add a layer of sealant over your gel coat. 

3.) Wipe Down - Bubble Gum Scented - Detail Spray for quick wipe downs on your float to keep it shining. 

4.) Caregiver - Lemon Lime Scented - Vinyl / Upholstery Cleaner to keep your interior spotless.

5.) Caretaker - Pina Colada & Leather Scented - Vinyl Conditioner to keep your interior moisturized for those hot summer days. 

6.) Boat Bubbles - Grape Scented - Boat Soap to help remove dirt and grime from your float with ease during washes. 

7.) Metal Speed Polish - Black Ice Scented - Spray Polish to give your float a quick polish with ease. 

*All products within this kit come in 32oz.  bottles.

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