Clay Maintenance Microfiber

Clay Maintenance Microfiber

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Our compact clay maintenance microfiber is great for helping keep your ride free and clear of light contaminants that can build up on painted surfaces, chrome, and glass. Removing the contaminants from your rides surface will help keep it feeling silky smooth. 

*Great for use between washes                                                                                                *For professional results, always use Precision clay lubricant such as Spit Shine, Wipe Down, or Wipe and Ride 


1. Thoroughly wash vehicle surface prior to using clay microfiber. 

2. Only apply clay microfiber to clean and lubricated surfaces. 

3. Mist Precision clay lubricant onto surface, apply clay microfiber to surface, and polish surface with light pressure to begin removing light contaminants. 

4. Continue step 3 until surface is silky smooth. 

5. Wipe off any residue with a clean microfiber towel. 

6. To enhance final results apply a coat of any of our wax / sealant products for a smooth and sealed surface.