Enthusiast Starter Kit

Enthusiast Starter Kit

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Looking to maintain your vehicle but don't know how? We have the solution for you. Our enthusiast starter kit! A great all in one kit with all the essentials to keep your vehicle looking brand new! 

Our starter kit includes:

1.) Cherry Suds - Cherry Scented - Car Wash Soap to foam up your vehicle and remove dirt and dust.

2.) Proper - Wheel Cleaner to keep your wheels looking new.

3.) Crystal Clear - Glass Cleaner to make sure your windows are spotless. 

4.) All Dressed Up - Pina Colada Scented - Exterior Dressing to keep your vinyl, and plastics moisturized. 

5.) Top Shelf - Tire Shine to give your tires that head turning shine. 

6.) Slab Sauce - Mango Scented - Spray Wax to add that extra layer of protection after your wash. 

7.) Spit Shine - Cherry Scented - Detail Spray to maintain your ride between washes. 

*All products within this kit come in 16oz. bottles.

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